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There is a maximum of 10 students for each scheduled time slot. It is important to book in advance for a spot. 

Upcoming Grading Dates
Grading Fees and Bookings

For open grading dates, please ensure you meet the minimum requirement for grading before booking. 

Special invite gradings are only be invitation. Booking time and date will be organised by the grading instructor directly

Booking links will be made available two weeks prior to the scheduled dates. We will advise via our Facebook Group and email when booking is open. 

Grading Fees must be paid for in advance when the 

  • SLT Levels   $50

  • CK Levels $75

  • BJ Levels $100

Please note, additional processing fee may apply to Credit/Debit Cards

Our Grading Levels

Our grading system includes 3 empty hand forms with each form consisting of 6 levels. In order to move on to the next form, students must complete all 6 grading levels.

We do not have colour belt/sash in our system. However, our official uniform identifies the training level based on the yellow stripes.

All students must meet the minimum requirement grading before they can apply for grading. ????



Siu Lim Tau (SLT) is the first form in Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun (WKLPWC). The theory of SLT represents the foundation for the rest of the system. The principles of SLT are primarily about fighting at close distance (economy of movement, efficiency and technique over strength). Characteristics of the training is focusing on the center lines, diagonal lines and angles that create the foundation behind the basic elements such as balance, strength, timing, simultaneity and control. 



Chum Kiu (CK) is the second form in Practical Wing Chun (PWC). The principles of CK are mostly about controlling the distance between you and the opponent (primarily keeping distance but also closing distance or making distance). Characteristics of the training are inclusion of kicks and technical sparring exercises. The training also includes tactics and methods if the opponent has a weapon or if there are multiple opponents. 



Biu Jee (BJ) is the 3rd form in Practical Wing Chun (PWC). The principles of BJ focus on elbows and sudden attacks from close distance using sweeps, thrusting techniques and also incorporates short distance power. It is the last empty hand form of Practical Wing Chun

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