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I highly recommend training in PRACTICAL WING CHUN (Australia) I have always loved martial arts from such a young age. I watched a lot of chinese movies my idol are Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen.


I was always intrigued in the Wing Chun System. About 2 years ago I briefly attended a few Wing Chun schools for an introductory lesson to get an understanding of what the art had to offer. After a couple of trials I felt as though it wasn't what I was searching for. After a thorough search on youtube and Google, I stumbled across Grand Master Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun. A Wing Chun System that was modified into a modern day practical combating art. At this point I googled and found a Practical Wing Chun Australia Branch that was lead by Sifu Jack Leung. I got in touch with Sifu Jack Leung and was moved with all his videos. So I decided to enrol to the Practical Wing Chun Australia Online Training Group a year ago and have been training in Perth (Western Australia) by myself.


I was persistent and managed to practice even though i had no local training partner. This year I was able to attend my first Spring Camp. This was an intensive course where I was honoured to first meet Sifu Jack Leung. There are many good things I can say about him, but more importantly he was very supportive, passionate and full of knowledge. His instructors also share the same passion for the art . Within the 1 week of intensive training I was able to practice all the drills/techniques/forms I have learnt online with fellow students and also learn new techniques and drills which gave me a better overall understanding about the Practical Wing Chun system.


Training was extraordinary! everyone made me feel welcome and I would definitely come back again!! Thank you Sifu Jack Leung for inviting me to the Spring Camp I can't wait for next year's Camp!! If feel you have the same passion for Martial Arts or interested in learning about Practical Wing Chun, I invite you to come train with me.

Mubarak (Perth Training Group)

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