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Sign up to our Online Training Group to learn the Practical Wing Chun System online, and join our Perth Training Group to train in person.

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Mubarak (Perth Training Group)

I highly recommend training in PRACTICAL WING CHUN (Australia). I have always loved martial arts from a young age. I watched many Chinese movies - my idols are Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen.

I was always intrigued by the Wing Chun System. After a thorough search on YouTube and Google, I found a Practical Wing Chun Australia Branch led by Sifu Jack Leung. I got in touch with Sifu Jack Leung and was moved by all his videos. So I decided to enrol in the Practical Wing Chun Australia Online Training Group and have been training in Perth (Western Australia) by myself since.

This year I was able to attend my first Spring Camp. This was an intensive course where I was honoured to meet Sifu Jack Leung. I can say many good things about him, but more importantly, he was very supportive, passionate, and full of knowledge. His instructors also share the same passion for the art. Within the 1 week of intensive training, I was able to practice all the drills/techniques/forms I have learnt online with fellow students and also learn new techniques and drills which gave me a better overall understanding about the Practical Wing Chun system. The training was extraordinary! Everyone made me feel welcome and I would definitely come back again!! Thank you, Sifu Jack Leung, for inviting me to the Spring Camp.

If you have the same passion for Martial Arts or are interested in learning about Practical Wing Chun, I invite you to train with me.

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