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"Wing Chun is a martial arts that suits people of all ages. I particularly like Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun is because it is conceptual, structural and very practical. The vast and rich combination of various moves makes it very effective to defend and attack. Sifu Jack knows Wing Chun from back to front, and he is very patient in demonstrating and explaining each move to his students. This Wing Chun family has friendly and helpful Sifu and instructors that make me go to the classes every week.  I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn serious kung fu and the lineage of Wing Chun. to join this school."



I have trained in a few other martial arts styles for many years. Whilst all schools are unique in their approach to training, Practical Wing Chun makes learning the art of Wing Chun extremely accessible. Sifu Jack has done this by cultivating a warm, supportive, and family-like culture where self-improvement is done through helping others.Sifu Jack and the instructors all emphasise application and concepts, making every technique you learn highly relevant and useful. This school doesn't just make better martial artists; they make better people as the school's culture is just as important as the techniques.



A school with traditional values.

Practical Wing Chun welcomes people of all ages, gender, race, religious beliefs, skill levels, and body types. 

We believe people of all walks of life should experience the benefits that martial arts offer – family, honour, loyalty and respect.
At our school, we treat everyone like a family member. We grow and support each other.


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