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Code of Conduct

Etiquette plays a very important role within a traditional Kung Fu school.

It is held within high esteem at Practical Wing Chun Australia.


Respect for instructors, the school & fellow Students

This is shown by demonstrating general good manners and following the etiquette guidelines taught within a class:


Addressing your Sifu (teacher) or fellow student appropriately.

  • Si Gung (Sifu’s Sifu)

  • Si Hing (Senior Kung Fu brothers)

  • Si Jeh (Senior Kung fu sisters)

  • Si Dai (Junior Kung fu brothers)

  • Si Mui (Junior Kung fu sisters)

  • Si Sook (Sifu’s junior Kung fu brothers & sisters)

  • Si Bak (Sifu’s senior Kung fu brothers)


Respect for self

Good personal hygiene and a clean school uniform are mandatory. Shoddy, dirty or non-club attire will not be admitted to the school.


Remain disciplined, conduct yourself ethically as a martial artist. Practice courtesy & righteousness, serve society & respect your elders.

Help the weak & those who need your help, use martial skills for the good of humanity. Preserve this Chinese art and code of Conduct and make us proud of Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun.

Rules & Regulations at
Practical Wing Chun Australia


  1. Respect Sifu, Si Gung & be friendly to fellow students.

  2. Follow the instruction of Sifu & Instructors during class.

  3. Always conduct yourself in a manner befitting the school. Damaging the reputation of the school is prohibited.

  4. The school has zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. Unlawful action training under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol is not allowed.

  5. Refrain from any form of harassment/bullying towards Sifu, Instructors and fellow students.

  6. Foul language, unnecessary roughness, or angry outbursts in class will not be tolerated.

  7. Personal conflict between members must not affect the school's culture and should be resolved outside of the school.

  8. Do not practice any Kung fu besides Wing Chun in class unless permitted. 

  9. Practice and train Wing Chun seriously. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle.

  10. No eating or chewing gum during training.

  11. Wear proper uniform/ PWC tee and footwear in class. For gradings, please wear an official uniform.

  12. Keep the school clean & tidy. Please ensure equipment is appropriately stored after training.

  13. Do not remove training equipment off school property without permission


Students are expected to progress through the grading syllabus in a structured manner. Students must have a 90 % attendance record to be eligible for grading. Any Student absent for over two months without good reason will not be permitted to grade.

Conditions of Entry

  1. By entering, entrants accept these terms. These terms may be amended or replaced occasionally; entrants should check the Practical Wing Chun’s website for the current version. (

  2. Equipment use (Training weapon & equipment) is restricted to Practical Wing Chun Members ONLY. Instructors must permit the use of any equipment. Misuse of training equipment during class is prohibited. 

  3. Children under the age of 10 years (0-9yrs) will not be allowed entry into the facility without continuous active supervision of a person over 16 years. 

  4. All entrants must behave courteously and move carefully-running. Aggressive behaviour, including foul, abusive language, is prohibited.

  5. Prior consent must be gained from the club before participating in any club activity, 

  6. Photos/videos may be taken for marketing and security purposes. 

  7. Instructions from the trainer must be adhered to at all times. 

  8. Photography or videoing is not permitted unless by prior arrangement with the club. 

  9. Each person expressly acknowledges that the decision to enter the club premises and surroundings, participate in a program, utilise equipment and take advantage of the services offered therein is at their own risk. 

  10. Entrants agree, unless otherwise stated, to allow photos and videos to be taken during class and posted on our school's pages (including but not limited to our website and Facebook) and used on promotional material.

  11. Each person releases and discharges Practical Wing Chun / F-Club, its management, staff and contractors from all liability for loss, damage or injury which may be sustained in such manner or under such circumstances, as previously set out in these conditions of entry.

  12. Practical Wing Chun may ask for a temperature check before entering the venue.

  13. Practical Wing Chun reserves the right to refuse entry or remove anyone from the venue.

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