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For those located in Australia and close by, who are unable to come physically train with us on a regular basis. This will allow you to commence training with Practical Wing Chun Australia under Sifu Jack Leung prior to visiting or hosting our workshop for further understanding of our system.


You will get access to our dedicated video platform which will provide the tools in which to train with other people in your local area. (training videos online)

In addition to that, you also get access to our Online members dedicated Facebook group with weekly videos & FAQ backup support.


We also run weekly zoom live session.



Why Join
How it Works


It is not just about you watching videos and getting a certificate but rather being able to apply our Wing Chun practically. It is a requirement that you come in to train with us or host a seminar for us to come to you. We will be there to support you along your journey right up until the point you come train with us and naturally after that as well. 


To better prepare yourself to physical train with us in the future

To gain a further understanding of our lineage and progress through our system

To have better understanding of self defence with modern approach

To have fun and form training groups to train with other similar people in the area & the ability to host future PWC workshops

To continue to share the art of Wing Chun to as many people as possible

Learning Outcomes


  • Exclusive Practical Wing Chun Australia Study Group Shirt

  • Our syllabus and training manual to further assist in your training

  • Dedicated video library with over 360+ videos, growing contents weekly

  • Personalised feedback on your progression by certified instructors

  • Member only Facebook group with training videos & tutorials

  • Weekly live Zoom classes

  • Facebook LIVE videos

  • FREE group training when you visit us in Brisbane (up to 2 weeks)

  • Application to host future workshops at your area



  • How do we join the study group?
    Click the "SIGN UP" button below to sign up and pay for monthly subscription. A video submission of your answer to the interview questions will be required through our online upload page. Once payment is confirmed, you will be approved for a 6/12months membership.
  • Who would this suit ?
    This will suit those who are interested in PWC. Those who do not live near a PWC club but wish to start training. Those who once trained at a local PWC club, moved away and wishes to continue their training. Currently training other systems but are interested in PWC. Those who are a current Wing Chun instructors under a different lineage but are interested in getting certified under PWC.
  • What are the costs?
    Monthly subscription of $49 USD/Month (normally $79 AUD) + online training group shirt available from our online store. Group training and workshops are FREE in Queensland within the membership period.
  • What does the training cost include?
    Our syllabus and training manual to further assist in your training. Dedicated video library with growing content weekly. Currently 360+ videos. Personalized feedback on your progress by certified instructors. Member-only Facebook Group with training videos, FAQ & tutorials. Monthly and weekly Zoom live training classes. FREE group class training and workshops when you visit our clubs in Queensland. Application to host future workshops in your area. The right to form a PWC training group in your area under Practical Wing Chun Australia. Certification under PWC Australia.
  • How do we progress through the system?
    Each level will contain several videos. Each video will require a minimum of 3 video replications submitted for feedback. You will be required to attend private training with a PWC Certified Instructor or come in and train with us at our Headquarters in Brisbane, Australia, once every 6/12 months. Membership statuses will be reassessed every 12 months or as accordingly. We do NOT need your money if you are not actively training. We need to see you put effort into your training.
  • Do we have to come train with you?
    Yes, this is a mandatory requirement to progress through the system, and the following are the minimum requirements to continue your membership. These requirements differ depending on your location: Australia: Every 6/12 months Overseas: Host a workshop or Zoom live sessions every 12 months.

We look forward to training with you

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