2020 CERTIFIED Instructor training program 
Re-open JAN 2021



Certified Instructor Training Program for 

Practical Wing Chun Australia

This is a great opportunity for students who are interested in learning more about Practical Wing Chun, 
accelerating their training and becoming future instructors.

The Practical Wing Chun Instructor Training Program is designed to qualify students to be assistant instructors in class and potentially become instructors of new Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu branches by providing them with high quality training and instilling Practical Wing Chun theories, skills and attitudes needed for the high proficiency in Practical Wing Chun Kung Fu. Our training will emphasize leadership, teaching skills, adult learning and traditional Chinese culture needed by a Kung Fu teacher and also modern close quarter combat skills.

This is an on-going training program that covers a variety of subjects including forms, footwork, san sau, chi sau (sticky hands), power & weapon training.

Students will also serve as assistant instructors in training during group classes.

Sifu Jack Leung is NOT desperate to have representatives in every part of Australia. Those who understand his visions and aims in spreading PWC after training minimum 18 months may express their interest in joining the Certified Instructor Training Program (CITP). The passion is what spreads the art. The willingness to help other Kung fu family members is the key for you to enter our door.


  • Help out minimum 2 group sessions per week.

  • Be able to demonstrate leadership and able to run the class according to individual program.

  • Positive & friendly characteristic, willing to learn and willing to teach, obey our Code of Conduct

  • Minimum 4 private classes per calendar month or 4 group PT classes equivalent

  • Been training at least 18 months with Practical Wing Chun Qld or Private classes equivalent  (Intensive training program available)

  • Holds current Advance First Aid certificate (If not, PWC Australia will arrange the course)

  • Holds current Blue Card (Working with children in Queensland)

Certified Instructor Levels

PWC Certified Assistant Instructor Level 1 – SLT      (Minimum 120 hours of  teaching beginners class)

PWC Certified Assistant Instructor Level 2 – CK      (Minimum 120 hours of teaching normal class & CK class)

PWC Certified Assistant Instructor Level 3 – BJ        (Minimum 120 hours of teaching open class & BJ Class

PWC Certified Instructor             Level 4 – WD     (Full Instructor Level – Demonstrate the ability to run a Practical Wing Chun branch or workshop

Upon successful completion of the program, each student will receive a certificate of completion approved by Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung and will be officially recognised as an instructor of the according level which they can then be able to run their branches off Practical Wing Chun Australia 
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