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Kidsfit Wing Chun - Toy Swap Day

Why swap toys?

We have a few lessons in mind for the kids with this toy swapping event.

Teaching kids about recycling:

Showing kids that old toys that they might not be interested in any more can still be useful to someone else. We can then use this example of toy swapping and apply it other things in life.

Teaching them about sharing:

Swapping a toy that they treasure and letting someone else enjoy it can teach them the joy of sharing. "Sharing is caring", this can alsolet the kids see how others would really appreciate their toys I belongings, as well as taking care of their own belongings. Keeping them in good

shape so that they can be shared I recycled.

Delayed Gratification:

Showing them that good things come to those who are patient and willing to share. By giving something of their own they are in turn receving something back.

Helping others:

With the funds raised through this event, we will be donating to Children's Hospital for them to purchase new toys for kids at the hospital. Teaching our kids that not everyone may be fortunate enough to have their own toys or the luxury to play with them allthe time. Helps them learn to cherish and value their own belongings. If you would like to join us on our upcoming PWC family event - Toy Swap Day. Please check out our member's email or speak to one of the instructors. Team PWC

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