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Setting Goals - Kidsfit Wing Chun

This Month in Kidsfit Wing Chun

Our activity of the month this time was “Goal Setting”!

You have probably seen the sheet below this month from your kids, we had asked them to take it home and come up with three goals that they would like to set and achieve for the new year.

But why set goals? How does it help?

There are several benefits of goal setting, and helps us teach a few things to the kids:

  1. Having a purpose / goal to work towards

  2. Thinking about what they want to do and putting words into action

  3. Help prevent procrastination/laziness

  4. Planning with their time

Coming up with their own goals, regardless of big or small, will help them think about what they would like to do with their time and be able to have something to focus on/work towards. For some kids, this is all they need to be motivated and start working towards their goals. However, not everyone can be that motivated / passionate about their goals, so it comes down to the adults to help them out with it.

We can try and help them figure out how to achieve those goals, by either helping them break down their goals into smaller, easier to digest steps, or putting in actionable plans to help your kids work towards those goals. Having them set their own goals also gives you a good reason to encourage them and keep them busy as these goals were theirs, not anyone else’s.

We hope the goal setting exercise was helpful and a good learning experience for not just the kids, but for the parents as well.

Take care and stay safe,

PWC Team

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