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LOCK DOWN - Phase 2

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

Phase 1 - A lot of you stood by me and supported the school. With the help of my leadership team we planned our Online Training before the lockdown. It is now officially LIVE. 👊👊👊

Phase 2 - Instead of shutting things down, we are now opening our arms to our PWC Wing Chun family in Phase 2.

Today, I put together a table of food, cleaning aids, first aid kits, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, baby panadol and even 70 masks for our members and their extended family. It’s my time to say thank you and help our Kung Fu family. 🙏

If you are hungry, please let me know. I will feed you. If you lost your job and can’t afford train? Let me know, I will open up online training for you. If you run a business but can’t find any hand sanitizer, come in and grab some, BYO bottle. If you need a hand baby sitting 🖐 ? Call me. I’m extremely good with kids 4 year old and above. (NOT trouble TWOs) I’m here to help.

As martial artists, this is what we trained for.

We can’t calm a storm, but we can all learn how to calm ourselves and prepare for it. The storm will eventually pass. Let's take shelter and help one another.

Social distancing keeps us away but our hearts put us back together. ❤️ We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help “someone”. Once we established our baseline we can then extend this positive energy to more people around us.

PWC family, if you wish to join me, you're more than welcome to drop off anything you think might be useful for other members of the family.

This offer is for members before the storm, half way through the storm and any support after the storm.

If the only problem that's stopping you from training with me is money, talk to me.

There will be no problem. Let's stick through this together.

Stay safe 🙏 Sifu Jack Leung

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