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10 Years, Fresh start - New Grading Format

New Kidsfit grading format

This Sunday, we will be having our first updated Kidsfit grading format. This new grading format will be reminiscent of our old grading formats from the pre-covid period. It will also be similar to our old traditional style grading for adults.

The main difference from our previous grading format to this new grading format will be that students of all level will be present at once and will all participate in the grading together. In the one and half to two hours (for level 9) grading students will be able to observe other senior students attempt their grading and get a glimpse of what is to come. Senior students will also feel inspired and encouraged to perform better as the younger / more junior students will be observing them.

While this might create some pressure for students, we believe that a small amount of pressure in a controlled environment can help our students improve their skills and demonstrate their ability under stress.

We hope that this new change will further improve our Kidsfit program and allow our Kidsfit students to continue learning and training at a higher level.

With our commitment to a better quality control, we strive to make grading not only a better test of our students’ skills, but also a great motivator for ours students to aim to be better than ever.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our amazing Kidsfit instructors or Sifu.

Take care,

PWC Team

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