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Our Way Forward

Martial arts is often referred to a journey or a path. From my experience it is never an easy path, just like how life is. But it is these bends, twists and turns that teaches us important lessons in life. The lessons that is more important than just punch, kick, sweep, throw or strikes.

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank our members and their families for their support. It has been a tough journey but we are near the end of the tunnel if we continue to do the right thing.

As a gesture of appreciation for those who help keep the club viable, we offered 12 months FREE subscription of Wing Chun Illustrated magazine to our members. (Valued at $29.99 USD)

We will be sending out our free grading vouchers shortly. We will also adjust 10% off our monthly membership for these students starting July for 1 whole year. (This is equivalent to over 1 month FREE training).

Roadmap to easing Queensland's restriction

The good news is now we have a definite scheduled plan on when we can return and in what capacity.

16th of May - outdoor 1on1 sessions will transform into outdoor group lessons with social distancing + zoom online classes + online portal (re-watch syllabus videos and zoom videos)

13th of June - Outdoor classes will transform into indoor classes with social distancing + limited zoom online classes + online portal

It is unclear at the moment when social distancing measures will be removed from sport. Under the AIS guidelines this will occur in Phase C - which is currently not outlined by the State or Federal government. But this is a great step in the right direction.

Queensland is doing great job in flattening the curve. It won't be long now before we can train back inside. In the mean while we can train outdoor at Headquarters Underwood and Woolloongabba.

Rest assured Practical Wing Chun Australia will be taking precautions to keep our members safe and we will also need your help.

PWC Moving Forward

We need your help in keeping everyone safe. Please read carefully.

1. Classes will be provided both through Online and Outdoor. Students can choose to do online only or both with no extra $ for Phase 2.

2. Out door group classes are limited to 9 members and 1 instructor. These classes must be booked in advance. Time table & Booking link available HERE

3. Autumn is around the corner, we have now moved the Kidsfit classes to 4pm on weekdays. If you used to come 1 session per week, please book 1 only.

If you come 3 times a week, you are welcome to book 2 weekday classes and 1 new weekend *bonus class. (If weekend suits better now, you are welcome to book in the weekend classes as well. We, as a nation, failed the toilet paper rush, Please DO NOT book with the same intention. There will be enough classes for everyone and we will open up more classes if we need to :)

4. Please continue to exercise social distancing and healthy hygiene. Non-Participant please wait in cars until class is over. We reserve the right to refuse any member training without following above health procedures.

It won't be long now before we are back inside training (less than 30 days from now). If cases continue to drop, we will be back to being able to make contact with each other very soon

Until then, stay safe.

Sifu Jack Leung

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