Our Way Forward

Martial arts is often referred to a journey or a path. From my experience it is never an easy path, just like how life is. But it is these bends, twists and turns that teaches us important lessons in life. The lessons that is more important than just punch, kick, sweep, throw or strikes.

Thank you

I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank our members and their families for their support. It has been a tough journey but we are near the end of the tunnel if we continue to do the right thing.

As a gesture of appreciation for those who help keep the club viable, we offered 12 months FREE subscription of Wing Chun Illustrated magazine to our members. (Valued at $29.99 USD)

We will be sending out our free grading vouchers shortly. We will also adjust 10% off our monthly membership for these students starting July for 1 whole year. (This is equivalent to over 1 month FREE training).