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Infection Control Training - COVID 19

Hi Family of Practical Wing Chun, Thanks once again for supporting our clubs and instructors in these ever changing times. Please know that we are constantly improving our knowledge to be the best we can as instructors. Apart from cleaning and sanitising our clubs, education is a high priority at our school. We are constantly doing courses, seminars, workshops, etc to increase our ability to provide the very best and up to date procedures, knowledge and skills. I have completed a short course today on Infection Control Training - COVID 19 to ensure we are doing our best and to protect our members and their families. Currently there are a lot of myths out there regarding the virus. I highly recommend that our members and their families also complete it to gain further understanding about it. Here's a link to the free course Also if you are facing any financial difficulty right now, please let us know. We want to look after one another.

Lastly, continue education is an important part of this. As this is currently a new virus for us, the above material is based on what we know at the moment. Sometimes it contradicts or becomes outdated later. Just like learning Kung fu, always be open minded and prepare to learn and update again.

Kind Regards,

Sifu Jack Leung

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