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Using modern technology to help with Kung fu training

Did you know there are several ways we use modern technology to help with training here at PWC? The two main methods being Online training (Zoom virtual classes) and videos (Online Portal). But before we go in deeper about those two methods, let’s see how they differ from our traditional in person training.

Traditional training:

  • In person – must come into class

  • Mostly 1 on 1 training with a partner following instructors

  • Slower paced and takes a while to progress

  • Physical feedback from your partners and real time feedback from instructors

Online training:

  • Over the internet using phone / PC / tablet

  • Can train alone or with a partner while following online instructions / video

  • Could progress a little faster depending on frequency of training

  • Lacks physical feedback but instructors can still give feedback over video call

  • Able to train from home and suit your own schedule

As you can see, while online training can aid with training and is very much a valid method of training with us, it cannot replace traditional in person training as the physical feedback from your partner and instructors is very important to understanding the techniques and how to use them properly.

With our online training programs, there is the usual Zoom virtual classes available to everyone, as well as the online training group for our international students that train with us over the internet with instructor feedback over video calls. On top of those, we also have the Online Portal which is a collection of videos made by us covering each technique with a short explanation of the techniques and every example of the technique being used.

However, we understand that life often gets in the way of training, such as work, study, or just unexpected events. On top of that, thanks to covid in recent years, there were many difficulties with in person training. We aim to help everyone the best we can, so if you have any questions or suggestions in how we can help you train better, feel free to let us know!

PWC Team

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