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Take care of your training partner !

We train with people of all sizes, age, and gender at PWC. That’s why it’s important for us to take care of each other when we train, aside from the usual salute before and after training, here’s a few things to watch out for so everyone can train safely and comfortably.

  • Ask/check their skill level – Knowing the level your training partner is at can help you decide if you should go a bit easier or harder on them to help your partner train at the appropriate intensity

  • Be mindful of body contact – It is inevitable that throughout our training, you will make physical contact with each other. Make sure to always check if your training partner is okay with such contact especially with topics that involve more contact than usual like locks or grabs

  • Watch out for your partner – Sometimes we try to push everyone to their limit, sometimes we have a bit more fun, and people move around a lot more, at times like these, watch out for each other. Are they about to bump into another group? Are they running out of breath and isn’t doing so well? Give them a hand and ask an instructor for help if needed.

  • Apologize and forgive – Accidents happen during training, if you accidentally hit your partner during training, apologize and make sure they are okay, maybe adjust the intensity a little. Likewise, if you get hit during training, understand that it was an honest mistake and forgive your partner if they apologize.

We want to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to train in, so if there is anything bothering you or you want to talk to us about regarding training or training partners, please feel free to reach out to any instructors or Sifu.

Stay safe and keep training! PWC Team Australia

Students in Practical Wing Chun training
Wan Kam Leung Practical Wing Chun Australia training photo

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