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Toys for Hospital Kids this Xmas

We received a total of $288.85 of donations from our Toy Swap Day last month! Using this money, we will go buy new toys to donate to kids in hospitals!

Here’s a few reasons to why we are doing this:

  • For kids who participated in the Toy Swap Day, this will show them that their generosity of joining in and giving up their toys has an actual effect and is helping others, even if it is someone they don’t know or won’t ever meet.

  • Teaching kids delayed gratification and to cherish their belongings. Sometimes when they really want a toy spontaneously it’s not always the best to get it immediately, and there are kids out there who rely on donations to receive new toys. This time we will all be shopping for new toys that aren’t for our kids, but rather for others.

  • Some kids who participated in the Toy Swap Day didn’t get to bring home any toys through swapping, but this will show them that it’s okay to do a good/nice thing without getting anything back in return

Feel free to jump in and donate/buy new toys on your own if you want to contribute more & make this Xmas a special one for the kids at the hospital. For more info on the actual event, please refer to our Facebook group or ask Sifu directly. Sharing the spirit of Kung fu this Xmas.

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